Mixtape # 1 - Super Dynamite Soul / by Jim Standerfer

"Do you like good music, that sweet soul music?" So asked the great Arthur Connelly. And, though that song is not included below solely on account of oldies radio oversaturation, it is an excellent question. If the answer is "yes," or "maybe?," then, by all means, come along and enjoy this first installment of the Lumbering Behemoth Mixtapes.

I'm playing it fast and loose with the parameters of the genre here. I'm not trying to be all-encompassing, nor am I trying to create the "ultimate" soul playlist. These are just tracks that I love and that hit me in the same sweet spot. In my soul, perhaps? And, like all of the tracks in these playlists, they put the proverbial needle on the record when I'm in the shop and it's time to get the business done.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the list, especially if I've introduced you to a new favorite, or if you have a favorite you think I might dig. Let's keep things positive and family-friendly, ok? OK!

Enough chatter. Fellas! Can I get into it?